IQue Dreamline

IQue Dreamline

Dream relaxation     for 3-5 PERSONS
    84 powerful jets
    220 x 220 x 96 cm

IQue Capri

IQue Capri

    for 2-3 PERSONS
    29 powerful jets
    212 x 122 x 75 cm

IQue Eden

IQue Eden

    for 3-5 PERSONS
    70 powerful jets
    229 x 229 x 96 cm

Why IQUE hot tubs

Do you want to buy a hot tub or spa, but you feel overwhelmed with all the options? Get yourself a luxurious IQue hot tub. What features can you expect?

  • high quality: Hot tubes comes from a Swedish manufacturer with a long tradition ( and many happy customers.
  • outdoor use even at low temperatures: Hot tubs are designed so that you can enjoy pleasant hydro massages despite low outside temperature. You will definitely not be cold.
  • precise processing: IQue hot tub are well-constructed, down to the slightest detail. This makes them perfectly suited for their purpose while keeping a luxurious design. Fine materials, innovative construction technology and silicone-free recessed jets.
  • special technology of acrylic shell treatment: use of segment technology. The surface of hot tubs is thanks to the technology completely smooth, without any unevenness.
  • unique features: Everything you need for a good relaxation. You will feel like in a wellness centre.

 IQue hot tubs are unique in the world of luxury design and high-quality processing as they come with many accessories. Let yourself be spoiled.

Jets in IQUE hot tubs

People often make a mistake if they choose a hot tub by the number of jets. This is an important indicator of hydro massage quality, but not the only one that the hot tub can provide. This is why you should also focus on exploring the quality, placement, type and attachment of the jets.

IQue hot tub meets all requirements on their quality. Because of the silicon-free sealing, the jets are more stable, secure and can be more efficiently arranged.

Discover 100% filtration system - IQUE PURE

IQue uses a unique system of filtration that ensures pure water and brings savings. What makes IQue Pure so special compared to other filtrations? It has a dual filtration system for one hundred percent clean hot tub. Other devices filter only the upper water surface, so regular maintenance of the whole system is necessary. Avoid it with IQue Pure.

The dual filtration systems allows to clean both bottom and the surface water of the hot tub. The system cleans the hot tub every 5 - 6 minutes based on the settings. Because of the pump’s efficiency, the costs are low, and you will also appreciate its quiet operation.

IQue Pure filtration system has several levels of cleaning. First, it captures larger objects before the filter trap. The water is then filtrated and sucked by the pump to the skimmer. To remove the smallest particles, micro filters are used. At the same time the floor filtration takes place.

Balboa control system

Hot tubs are equipped with first-class Balboa control unit. The control system comes from Balboa Water Group, leading manufacturer of hot tub technologies. Its brand is a guarantee of a long service life and quality that has been satisfying customers for a long time.

The control system is the brain of the entire hot tub. It is easy to control and offers many functions that let you enjoy all the comfort that a hot tub can offer, including settings of jets, temperature, lighting and other features.

Balboa offers a variety of control systems. They all have good quality and user-friendliness in common.

Music in hot tub with WiPod

Pleasant music and relaxation belong together. Treat yourself with music even while relaxing in a hot tub. It is possible thanks to the unique waterproof audio system WiPod. Supporting both MP3 and FM, its construction meets requirements for the spa environment. Apart from its functionality, durable construction and ease of use, you can also admire its stylish design.

Thanks to BlueTooth or AUX-in, you can easily connect the WiPod with other devices such as iPhone, iPod or iPad. Controlling WiPod is easy, as well as setting it up - to suit your needs.

With WiPod audio system, you can achieve unique sound thanks to high quality amplifier MARINE GRADE IP55 that is located in the hot tub body. It is resistant to moisture, water and chemicals.

 WiPod features

  • MP3 and FM
  • Colour display
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple user settings
  • Waterproof construction
  • High quality amplifier by Marine

Sauna House made for us outdoor sauna and hottub and we are very satisfied with both the realization, the quality of the design, the professional and loving approach of the employees and the willingness to deal with them and to get the most out of it.
Necid Family

The installation of the whirlpool took place quickly and to the satisfaction of me as a customer. I was satisfied with the communication, it was fast and factual. We are very happy with the whirlpool and I can recommend the company to everyone.
Viktor Polák

When making the whirlpool the biggest thank you, Mr. Bäumel and the fitters of your company / Mr. Šefl /. Access to professional, pleasant performance, whenever they were willing to explain and advise on any question, or arrive as soon as possible. I recommend your business to everyone, because nowadays such perfect and decent people find it hard to find. Thank you very much and I wish many customers.
Hrehová Ilona

Hello Mr. Baumel,

We installed the Dreamline Diamond Whirlpool in the family garden and I have to say that the delivery and assembly was done professionally. The company secured everything by agreement and very quickly. I recommend! 

Irena and Vojtěch Křížovi